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My life has been filled with lots of different things from studying abroad, to working with Christopher Reeve for 8 years, to traveling to over 30 countries doing stories. I've also covered 7 Olympic Games and 6 World Equestrian Games.


Now I have added acting into the mix and everything I've done in the past helps me to be an even better actress. I am SAG-AFTRA and proud of it. You can add to this my passion for dancing, my love of being in front of the camera and creating and developing various characters.


Another part of my life is filled with reporting, writing and photographing horses. I'm a also a photographer which has taken me around the world capturing some of the greatest images.


I'm also a health nut and try my best to eat well because I think that just helps you with everything you do. When your body is healthy then you feel good and then you can keep at the top of your game no matter what you do. While I love all kinds of healthy foods I will also admit to having a love of ice cream, especially praline pecan crunch or anything caramel or butterscotch. My favorite food is eggplant rollatini.


I'm also in the media and in the past have both covered major events and done the PR. I did the PR for the National Horse Show when it was at Madison Square Garden. That brings me back to when we had a mini horse show outside the NBC studios or a parade down the NYC streets with the famous retiring of the racehorse Cigar. I also did the equine focused PR for such movies as Dreamer, Spirit and Flicka.


Having done PR gives me a good understanding of keeping on top of my marketing tools and understanding the importance of social media.


As a writer I have an Examiner column called the NY Acting Scene and love to spread the word about the Actors, Agents, Managers, Casting Directors and anything else happening in the acting world in NYC. This could  be about what's happening or offer advice or insight. Be sure to visit my column and feel free to email me if you want to be added to my database:


I've done so much but now my focus is on becoming a full-time actress and I will put all my effort into achieving that goal. I plan to work hard, be diligent, and learn as much as I can to continue to craft my abilities.


On top of all of the above, my word is my bond. I am a hard worker and someone you can always count on. I'll never let you down no matter what the project or role as I always strive to do the very best I can do.

A Bit about Diana

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