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My Performances on Video

From a dancer on a variety of music videos (one with over 174,000 hits, to commercials, a Russian Grandma, comedic monologues, and more, these videos give you a chance to see me in action doing what I love to do, being myself and acting the part.

Mixed Reel
This is a mixed reel that includes many of the other tapes but also some parody singing and dancing.

Useless Beauty Music Video - Agnes

I played the older woman in the wheelchair. I am seen throughout but come alive and dance in the wheelchair at the end.

AT&T Commercial
I was the principle in the AT&T commercial as the mother of the girl who uses her phone to call mom when she needs help with a flat tire.

Chevy Commercial

I was the lead in this Chevy commercial. Silver hair to begin - blonde hair when I step in my Chevy.


I was the mother of the cook on this vegetarian cooking show. This is about Meatless Burgers - Yummmm!

Loose Ends - Russian Grandmother

I am a Russian Grandmother in this 15 minute movie.  I'm in two parts. The first starts at 5:35 - ends at 7:33  at the dinner table. In the second  I'm having a heart attack starting at 9:12 to 9:55.

Gummy Money Music Video

320,000 hits

I am seen through but mostly at the very end. I am the dancer in the leopard outfit.


I was the mother of the cook on this vegetarian cooking show. This is about Veggie Corndogs!

Changing My Life

A comedic monologue about Clara, a women who has made a decision for the future of her life.

Retired Dancer

A monologue I did in the TAP NYC showcase.

Reporter Reel

This video is focused any some of the reporting I've done. 

Dancing Video

This video is focused any dancing I've done as an actor.

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