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Talking Stuffed Animal Web Series


This is a new web series that will feature over 100 talking stuffed animals. They are cool, cute and make me laugh, which means they are going to make you laugh too. I started this series on the very first day of 2015 with visions of cool shows coming up. In the very first web series I'm introducing the show and reaching out to everyone to help me name the series.


I chose a jingle bells theme for this first stuffed animal because we just recently celebrated Christmas and even for those who don't celebrate Christmas, enjoy it for the holiday spirit.


Ultimately, I will be auctioning off each of my collection to the highest bidder, but first I want to kick off the series and get it off the ground with a nice following. However, you can always make me an offer I can't refuse.


So, join me for some fun, help me spread the word about my new web series, and give me some ideas one what I should name this web series. Here you go with the very first one:


1st Video: Meet Jingle Bells


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