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NY Acting Scene Column

I am an actress/reporter/photographer but also write a column called the NY Examiner Acting Scene. It’s all about what’s happening with the acting world in NYC.


Here is a link to my column:


Anyone somehow involved in the NY Acting Scene is welcome to send me five sentences about what is happening either with them personally, their business or service or about any news they care to share with others.  It could be courses your company is offering, events happening you want people to know about or a tid bit of advice. Be sure to include your web site and if you want feel free to include contact information.


I will also target specific businesses, services or people in individual columns if you send me 300-500 words about a topic that can help actors. I am including links below to some of the articles I've done to give you a sense of what you can send me.


Right now I am scheduling meetings with people just so that we get to know each other, network and think about ways to cross-promote.  These meetings will not be about me interviewing you and writing something but rather just a chance for us to meet in person.


I will also use this opportunity to take pictures as I am creating a database of photos to use when I publish my articles. I only include my own photos with my articles, but I am a professional photographer and have excellent equipment.


At a later date I am considering doing profiles on the people involved in the acting industry in NYC. But this will not happen until I have a better understanding of the individuals and companies that help make the acting world work in NYC. If this is something that would interest you let me know why you feel you or your company would be a good candidate. I can give you links to other profiles I’ve done of people in the horse world (which is what I do in my other life).


Please feel free to share this with your colleagues, students, or anyone else you feel would like to be included in this column as I want this column to be for everyone (agents, actors, managers, companies, casting directors, industry, etc.).


Please also include comments at the end of the columns and share these columns on your social media pages (facebook, twitter) so that together we can spread the word about the NY Acting Scene. Also, if you want to work on cross-promotion of any sort just let me know.


I have been overwhelmed with moving the past three months so this column has been put to the side but now I am ready to dig in and run a column a week in between working on doing more acting. Topic suggestions are welcome.


If you are interested in background on me here it goes:


In addition to being an actress I am also a writer, reporter, spokesperson and photographer (have covered 7 Olympic Games, 6 World Equestrian Games, lots of Pan Am Games and much more) and traveled the world covering events and doing features. My focus has mostly been the horse world.


I have done TV hosting (worked with WVVH TV co-hosting the Hampton Classic live for 10 years) and have been a spokesperson and feature host on many projects. I also worked with Christopher Reeve for the last 8 years of his life. He was a brilliant man and I still miss our chats.


I was a language major in college. I’m also a dancer and horseback rider and computer saavy.


As far as what acting I’ve done: I was the side kick on a cooking show, was on The Food Network, was a lead in one commercial (Chevy) and principle in another (AT&T), played a Russian grandmother in a video production, have done a number of Music Video parts and work with TAP-NYC and have appeared in their monologue challenges and showcases, among other things.


Now my focus is on becoming a regular working actress and also in getting to know the NY Acting Scene and sharing what knowledge I gain with others.




Here is a link to some of my columns - take a moment to read them so you are aware of the type of information you can send me. Here is your chance to get some well-deserved exposure. - What's Happening on the NY Acting Scene - Sample of an event I covered - Sample of an advice piece - This one offers tips about Stock Photography from Scott Powers - Sample of an advice piece - this is from Gwyn Gilliss and gives tips for the audition. - The very first column explaining my plans


I also just started a facebook NY Examiner page - take some time to like this page and pass along your comments:

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