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Diana De Rosa     516-848-4867    SAG-AFTRA

Height 5’4.5”           Weight 110 lbs              Blonde Hair                  Hazel Eyes



Monologue Showcase                                    Marian/Alone with my Husband                             The Actors Project NYC

Monologue Showcase                                    Clara/Changing My LIfe                                             The Actors Project NYC

Annual Showcase – News related                Various Comedic Roles in Annual Event (3 Yrs)    The Press Club of Long Island                            

Monologue Challenge                                    Clara/Changing Her Life                                            The Actors Project NYC




Naughty Boy Music Video                             Dancer (Posh Lady)                                               Emeli Sande “Lifted”

Agnes Music Video                                         Mother (Wheelchair older dancer)                     Album: Useless Beauty

Food Network                                                 Worst Cooks in America/Reality TV                    Hosts: Chefs Anne Burrell & Bobby Flay

Wolf of Wall Street                                         Ms. James Geneva Airport Greeter                     Directed: Martin Scorsese

Chinese Puzzle                                                Diana and George (Hippy Couple)                      Directed: Cédric Klapisch.

Celebrity Ghost Stories                                  Aunt Dora (1850s role)                                         Biography Channel

Loose Ends                                                      Mamma Petrov (Russian landlord)                     Director/Producer: Eden Vaschon

Convicted                                                         Linda (cook’s mother)                                           Videasa Productions

IMA Robot                                                        Sally (wacky Chihuahua owner)                          Director, Frank Jerky

The Big C                                                          Jennifer (fun wife)                                                  Showtime

Law & Order: CI                                              Jane (award show nominee)                                 NBC Productions

Prime Suspect                                                 Judy (upscale party guest)                                     Director, Peter Berg

Royal Pains                                                      Evelyn     (racetrack gambler)                                Director, Matthew Penn

Enlightenment                                                Dawn (visionary)                                                      Glenys Javier Productions

30 Rock                                                             Suzie (light hearted receptionist)                         NBC Productions

Hole in the Wall                                               Joan (elegant party guest)                                     Director, Fred Da

Another Earth                                                  Donna (scientific business woman)                    Director, Mike Cahill

Hampton Classic Horse Show                       Co-host on WVVH TV (10 Years)                          Directors: Ernie & Greg Schmizzi

The Horses of Ireland                                     Video Host                                                              Director: Capitol TV/Bob Cohencious



Rock Me - Chevy                                              Lead - Diana                                                              Producer: Elena Shpak

Flat Tire - AT&T                                                Principal: Mother – Joanna                                      Producer: Elena Shpak



Monologue Technique                               Liz Ortiz-Mackes                                                        SAG-AFTRA CAP

On-Camera Audition                                  Kim Moarefi                                                                SAG-AFTRA CAP

Monologue Method                                    Bobby Holder                                                            The Actor’s Project NYC

Commercial Class                                        Gwyn Gillis                                                                 The Actor’s Market

TV Hosting & Teleprompter                       Alyse Zwick                                                                 Scott Power’s Studio

Voice Over                                                     Jen Rudolph                                                               The Actor’s Green Room

Film Scene Study                                         Chip Hourihan                                                           Group Coaching

On Camera Commercials                           Lisa Rubenstein                                                         Scott Power’s Studio

Commercial Techniques                             Anthony Pinchette                                                    SAG-AFTRA CAP

Monologue Workshop                                Peter Sanfilippo of Hartig-Hilepo                            SAG-AFTRA CAP


Education        SUNY Albany and L’Universita a Roma (Italy) BA Language



Conversational Italian & French, Equestrian Journalist, Photographer & Video Reporting (Olympic/Pan Am Games), Hosting (Co-host Hampton Classic, Visiting Ireland), Teleprompter Experience, Interviewer, Personal Assistant to Christopher Reeve, Dance (Hustle, Latin, West Coast, Freestyle), International Traveler, Voice Over (Monty Roberts), PR for DreamWorks & Fox Pictures, Horseback/Bareback Riding


NOTE: I also write (& take photos) about acting companies, individuals, events, casting directors, agents, etc. in my Examiner NY Acting Scene column. Coverage suggestions/calendar listings are welcome. Column link:


TO SEE PHOTOS AND REELS at STAGE 32: or check everything out on this web site.

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