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Introducing The NYC Scene - Where you can be Seen!

How exciting to be kicking off my first NYC Scene column on Local Talent Connect. I plan to become a part of what's happening throughout NYC so that I can share with you what I've learned from each experience.

Writing is not new to me. I've been both a writer and photographer for a long time. In the past most of my writing has been about horses. I've covered 7 Summer Olympic Games and have traveled the world covering horse events. Later this year I'll be in France covering the Alltech World Equestrian Games which to the horse world is truly their Equestrian Olympics.

More recently when I entered into the world of an actress I decided to bring my computer fingers and cameras into this new venture. So, in addition to writing about horses and the acting world in NYC (I have an Examiner column focused on that), I now have added writing about the NYC entertainment scene to my many endeavors.

So, what kinds of events will I cover in this column? it could be me doing a monologue in a showcase, or covering a broadway show, a dancing event or a preview of a movie. It could also be me learning karate or being mentored on how to approach my goal of being a full-time actress.

Perhaps its experiencing one of the many horse drawn carriages or a bike ride throughout the city with the new bikes you see everywhere. Maybe it's learning about what your business or service has to offer and taking one of your classes and then sharing the experience.

I'm open to anything. Feel free to walk me through the experience of be the judge. Invite me to take a cooking class (since I appeared on the Food Network's Worst Cooks that's something I could really use).

Maybe you want to teach me how to become a stunt person, shoot a gun or a bow and arrow. Or how about spending some time at the Make A Wish Foundation. It could even be attending your gala event.

You might make the world's best hot chocolate and you want my tastebuds to decide. Maybe yours is a hidden treasure that needs to be discovered. You just need to be creative as I'm open to anything. If you can find a hands-on approach to what you are offering then I am game. But I might draw the line if you invite me to mud wrestle. Mud is just not my thing.

In fact, when Todd Wharton, the founder of Local Talent Connect, announced my column I immediately got a response from Jon Landers, the Founder and CEO of The Big Apple Indie Music Series aka TBAIMS. He's invited me to his next event in March and I've already got it in my date book.

If you want to see me in action, I'm one of 20 actors doing a monologue in an upcoming TAP NYC showcase next week (February 18). You can come, enjoy the show and if you're patient and wait around we can meet afterwards. Or we can meet some other time. Just contact me for ticket information or to set up an appointment to meet.

And if you want to know a bit more about me just visit my About page on this site. You'll find out some interesting things, like the fact that I worked for the late Christopher Reeve for 8 years.

For sure my life has been an interesting rollercoaster and now you can take the ride with me.

So, now it's your turn. I'm looking forward to hearing from old friends and making new ones all with a focus of experiencing what's happening in New York City. Feel free to email me at You, your business, service or whatever could be the next thing I write about.

If you are part of the New York City "scene" then here's your chance to be "seen." I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


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