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What is SubUrban Underground and who is Brian Wade

This week my journey took me to Brooklyn for my first appearance on Brian Wade's SubUrban Underground which will be coming to the Brooklyn TV screen in a few weeks. It'll be a series of shows with a twist but I'll save the details for when the show actually airs.

For this short piece I wanted to give you a sense of who Brian Wade is and why he decided to create this multi-faceted TV series.

To begin with Brian, who hails from Atlanta, GA and now lives in Brooklyn, loves loves loves New York. And a lot of the show will reveal just that. He also is a wonderful singer with an incredible band composed of really topnotch musicians. He's a man who isn't afraid to showcase himself with how he feels and his first in the series will show the inner soul of Brian.

We all went through a series of auditions before he picked the final group of people who will be featured on this series. I get to interview Brian and talk about something that is important to both of us which is living as healthy a life as possible despite our busy schedules. We'll reveal some tricks of how you can do that in this video while hearing from a host of other artists on how they keep their life balanced.

The show will be centered around Brian's music and so music and freedom are a big part of this show and to better understand that is to get a peek into what life has dealt to Brian, who many refer to as DJ Stereotype. And from here I'd like to quote the bio on his web site because this one paragraph is so revealing.

"As a young adult with little support, StereOtype lived a nomadic life around the cities of Atlanta and New York working odd jobs as everything from a janitor, web/graphic designer, manny (male nanny), baby sitter, librarian, archivist, after school tutor, security guard, acting coach, writer/copy editor for news papers and blogs, bar manager, event coordinator, literally working at almost every restaurant from Peachtree Street in Downtown Atlanta down to Buckhead as a waiter, busboy, host, or bar back... receptionist, journalism teacher, PR agent, videographer/editor, Dj, actor, play director, video journalist, go go boy, short lived stint as a runway model, ghost writer for other artists, and personal chef."

When Brian made the decision to move from Atlanta to New York he did so with practically no money in his pocket. In fact, he landed in New York with only $20 to his name but somehow managed not to let his situation get in the way of continuing his musical growth.

I guess the best way to understand a bit about who he is and perhaps what this new project will be about his to visit his web site at!bio/c1rhf. And once the first show airs I'll be sure to send you a link.

I chatted with Brian a bit about his thoughts for the very first SubUrban Underground show and he remarked, "i thought the first gathering was sort of a beautiful chaos... the energy that i felt was so mixed and varied; so much anticipation, expectation (or lack thereof), and more than that... it was amazing to have that many talented, beautiful, but genuinely kind and good natured people under one roof. Me being the perfectionist that i am, and also feeling genuine concern for everyone that i work with, I'm always concerned with if everyone is okay even if i can't be too concerned with it at the time due to the juggling I have to do on set. All things said, it was fun and i think it went well."

It's a given that first shows are always a challenge and that is to be expected. Brian wears many hats but his main focus is singing with his band. When I asked him why he is pursuing this series he had this to say.

"I am doing this I because want to #1: give opportunity to talent that has a hard time being type cast or not getting much work at all because of their look, age, the nature of the market they are in. #2: I think that there is nothing like this show out. Communication, music, and comedy in one show is pretty new, exciting, and much needed. #3. It's something that I've worked at making happen for years and I have no other choice."

So stay tuned for the first episode in this series. Here is a sneak peak: SubUrban_Underground_Peek.

Before closing I wanted to update you on some other good news. Last week I revealed the video that I appeared in called Gummy Money, which at the time had about 50,000 hits. Well just a week later it now has close to 100,000 hits and still climbing. It's still here on the site - just scroll down. This video is spreading fast as it is well done and fun.

There are two events that I will be doing in the weeks ahead. One is a Combat Class at the Working Actor Studio (, which sounds pretty intriquing. It's a four week course and you can find out more details about that and other classes by visiting their web site.

The other will be at Scott Powers Studio. It's called the 2014 Commercial Forum and features an array of industry members any actor would like to meet. You can find out more details by callling 212-242-4700 or visiting their web site at

As always, I look for hands-on things to do. So, if you have something you think would work just send your pitch to Until next week!

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