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Local Talent Connect First NYC Mixer

Local Talent Connect (LTC), the social network for the arts and entertainment industry, has added yet another event to their calendar. On Monday, October 28 they hosted their very first NYC mixer. It gave me a chance to meet and speak with some of the many artists who attended this event.

Andrew J. Rodney spoke excitedly about the sculpting that he does and his new venture into the world of acting. Andrew has always had a passion for entertaining people and so acting is a perfect fit for someone like him. Yet it is his sculptures that have truly sculpted his life.

Andrew started first as a young boy sculpting clay family and cartoon figures. From there he went to welding metal. Before long he was walking the streets finding items that he could weave into his figure and face sculptures which he says he makes out of “nature and litter from his walks on the street.”

You’ll find such artifacts as hubcaps as a base to chicken bones as eyebrows and so much more. You name it he’s worked with it. “I’ve always had a passion for the arts and getting out of myself,” commented Andrew who is now an LTC member.

“When we are born the first thing we identify with are faces and maybe that is why I started with faces.” To find out more about Andrew visit his facebook page at

Singer and songwriter Dani Felt started her Creative Spotlights, just one short year ago but in that time she’s achieved a lot. When asked what Creative Spotlights is all about Dani remarked, “We spotlight different talent through interviews and we provide artist development services (i.e. music videos, social media, photography, music production, etc.). “

They’ve done interviews with over 300 people in the music industry and the company is now working on its first book. Dani’s passion for music started when she was just 14 years old and it is that passion that inspired her to start Creative Spotlights.

“I wanted to start this web site to be around music," she remarked. The stories are because Dani figured what better way to discover the road to success then by asking successful artists how they got to the top. “We find out how people got successful by relaying their stories,” Dani explained.

For more about Creative Spotlights visit their web site a

Ronald England is the owner of Westbrook Capital LLC. Ron works with private equity firms to finance the production of a variety of cable television series. One of his best-known series was Baywatch.

Ron’s life has been all about media and entertainment. “I felt the current industry model could be improved and yield benefits to all the participants,”

Ron explained. Ron’s career started with CBS where he was in charge of strategic planning, purchase & acquisitions and business development with the Broadcast arm of CBS for about 17 years. From there he went into banking with an international bank for 10 years, then for 5 years did consulting. After that Ron started a company, which he ultimately sold.

Ten years ago he created Westbrook Capital LLC. “I like it because I invented it,” Ron said with a chuckle. The list of programs he is now working on is very impressive and includes a reality series called In The Pits about the Nascar Pit Crew and another one called Real Deals about three wealthy people in Orlando that buy and flip exotic cars.

“I also have a scripted series called The Franchise about a fictional family that owns a National Basketball Franchise Association,” he added. And if you’d think that was where it ends you’d be wrong because Ron also has a high budget series called Space Command developed from the creators of Star Trek the Next Generation.”

So keep your eyes out for when these programs are released since they all sound like home runs.

Jon Landers of The Big Apple Indie Music Series was also in attendance and alerted me that the date of their next music event will be May 21, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at Toshi’s Fitting Room, which is on 26th and Broadway. They select five up-and-coming artists to feature each month. So, if you’re a music lover you won’t want to miss this event.

Todd Wharton, founder and owner of Local Talent Connect was the host of this event , and was thrilled with the attendance for his very first mixer. “Artists need some type of stimulation to look forward to at the end of each month and LTC decided to create an industry monthly mixer which will allow for unlimited possibilities for artists to grow their careers,” Todd commented.

“Keep a drink in one hand, a business card in the other and network your net worth with LTC,” he added. Todd’s goal is to have these mixers throughout the United States. For more information about Local Talent Connect visit their web site at

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