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It's Been a Busy Two Weeks

Things are heating up around the NYC Scene and I’ve kept my hand on the pulse. Last week I performed in a TAPNYC showcase. This week I attended TAP’s Industry Night and now I’m writing this from the set of The Leftovers.

Sunday I’m headed to Lisa Gold’s 4th annual Red Carpet Oscar Party. I’m also talking with Betsy of the Working Actor Studio and plan to experience one of her classes and bring all the details to you.

The one labeled “combat class” sounded different and appealing and very hands-on. In fact that is what this column is all about – actually talking about what it’s like to experience all these adventures. You’ll hear from me and the people I work with.

One more focus will be SAG-AFTRA. I know my readers will be a mix of union and non-union but I also know that most people who continue in the acting world will also one day aspire to be a member of SAG-AFTRA. I’m one of those new members and I’ve learned just how much I don’t know about this organization. So, my goal is to go behind the scenes and bring to you all the details of what this amazing organization has to offer.

While I’m not going into depth on any topic this week I’m going to include a few highlights. First off is my experience being in a showcase of monologues. Mine was called Yoga and I was 8th in the order to go.

I’m not very shy when it comes to being in front of the camera. I’ve done a lot of live TV reporting. That said, I did find that sitting on that stage waiting my turn was a bit nerve wracking. I’ve tried to decipher why but one gal I spoke to at Industry night said it best.

Nycole Ralph ( has been doing theatre for a long time and the point she made was it’s being out there all by yourself that she found a bit more difficult than your normal theatre performance.

“That is a whole different ballgame being up on that stage all by yourself,” Nycole remarked. “It was an eye opener and I realize I need to do more of that to be comfortable with myself.”

I must admit as excited as I was to perform and be able to look back at a job well done, I enjoyed the show way more after I was done and even more so the next night when I just came to watch.

Industry night was special because it was a mixture of the actors who performed their monologues and sketches over five nights who then had a chance to mingle with the industry in a social setting.

It was Albert Bramante of Emerging Talent ( whose comment I really admired. “I go to a lot of showcases and this is the best one,” he remarked. “The content is great; it’s orginal and it allows actors to be themselves. It provides actors with a community to meet and develop close relationships with each other and with industry. The other advantage is it gives them a lot of content to market their brand.”

I thought about his remark afterwards because he was right. Just a few nights earlier each of these actors was under the pressure of performing but also had the opportunity for industry to see them. Then at Industry Night there they were chatting away with their fellow actors and with the industry who wanted this chance to get to know them on another level.

Bernadette McBrinn of Avalon Artists ( echoed his views and explained to me that working with an actor is not just about getting them work but also being comfortable working with them. There has to be a synergy.

"It is not just about work but about getting to know someone,” she commented. “I love that about this. That is the other side – first seeing them perform and then having the opportunity to meet them in a situation like this,” she added as we both observed smiles, animated conversations and laughter happening all around us.

I interviewed a lot of the actors at Industry Night and so I’ll bring you their cool comments next week when I’ll let them be the focus of my article.

I spent some time with fellow troupe member Mary Clem this week. She’s been crafting monologues and sketches for a few years now and her scripts are really good. One of these days I’ll include one in my column.

Better yet is the way that Mary delivers her monologues. I’m learning more and more that it’s not just about the words but what you do with them that makes the monologue stand out.

While I was traipsing around New York going from event to event I took the time to look around at the hordes of people that are enjoying NYC nowadays. Now that’s the real NYC Scene. So many are from other countries and watching them appreciate the city so many of us take for granted sent a chill up and down my spine.

I’m excited about seeing what Lisa Gold has planned for her Red Carpet Oscar Party. If you are free Sunday night, March 2nd, it’s not too late to join in the fun. Just click on this link to purchase your ticket: Oscar Party Tickets. If you go please be sure to say hi and have a chat with me so I can include some of your thoughts in an upcoming column.

It’s been an almost too busy two weeks but I’m excited about experiencing what the NYC Scene is all about and bringing a hands-on perspective to you. And if you have an idea for an upcoming column, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. If it’s something I can actually experience and talk about from a firsthand perspective I’m totally game.

And even if all you want to do is say hi and let me know a bit about you and your goals, I’m ready to listen. So shoot off an email to and let's share the NYC Scene together.

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